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Cameron Battle and the escape trials
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Gr 4--7--Cameron Battle, now the chosen Descendant of Chidani, is back home with his grandma and at the beginning of his seventh-grade year. Best friends Zion and Aliyah are Cameron's support system when he is ruthlessly bullied by a boy named Vince. Determined to save his mother and find his father, Cameron knows he must make his way back to Chidani with the help of the Book, which has become a part of him. Upon opening the Book, however, Chidani requires the trio to return much sooner than grandma was prepared to let them go. Adventures ensue right from the get-go with a kidnapping, open portals, a lost ring, and two trials that must be tackled in order for Cameron to have any hope of seeing his mother and father again. Can Cameron summon the power within him to see through these trials? Will he be able to save those closest to him and even figure out a way to forgive those who are unkind? VERDICT This installment in the thrilling series is a surefire delight that complements all fantasy shelves.
Kirkus Review
Cameron Battle returns to Chidani for some unfinished business. Cameron and his closest friends, Zion and Aliyah, are now seventh graders. But Cameron is too focused on saving his mother and learning what happened to his father to concentrate on school. Desperate to get back to Chidani, despite his grandma's telling him to wait, Cameron decides to develop a plan to go back and seek the resolution he needs. While trying to assemble clues and information from The Book of Chidani to devise said plan, Cameron also has to deal with Vince, a bully at his new school, as well as growing romantic feelings for Zion. Cameron learns from the Book that Descendants like him have special abilities. This makes him eager to uncover and tap into his own powers, which he hopes will help him defeat those intent on harming those he loves. Before he can accomplish this, however, Cameron and his friends get pulled through a portal back to Chidani--along with Vince, who is in need of rescue. The three friends now have to figure out how to face and, if necessary, conquer gods with their own agendas, one of whom is still set on waging war. Perry continues Cameron's emotional journey of discovery and growth in a work centering Black characters that, thanks to previously established worldbuilding details, flows well and has clearly defined characters. Readers should be familiar with the first volume to fully appreciate this one. A sentimental, action-filled fantasy. (Fantasy. 8-12) Copyright (c) Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

Fans of Rick Riordan will lose themselves in the exciting world of Chidani--where the last descendant must fight to save the world!

After his first adventure as the Descendant, Cameron can't sit through seventh grade classes. Especially when his mother is still trapped in Chidani and his father is still missing. But he encounters a particularly nasty bully in his new school, and it doesn't take long for Cameron and his trusty friends Zion and Aliyah to realize that the troubles of Chidani won't stay away for long.

With the Book to guide them, Cameron and his crew end up transported to Chidani sooner than anticipated--and the gods and goddesses they encounter don't intend to make Cameron's journey easy. Can he finally outwit and outlast the villainous god set on destroying their worlds?

Inspired by West African and Igbo history and mythology, this middle-grade fantasy celebrates the triumphs and challenges of a boy finding his path to greatness.

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