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In case you get hit by a bus : how to organize your life now for when you're not around later
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A step-by-step program for getting your life in order, so you're prepared for the unexpected.

The odds of getting hit by a bus are 495,000 to 1. But the odds that you're going to die some day? Exactly.

Even the most disorganized among us can take control of our on- and off-line details so our loved ones won't have to scramble later. The experts at Everplans, a leading company in digital life planning, make it possible in this essential and easy-to-follow book. Breaking the task down into three levels, from the most urgent (like granting access to passwords), to the technical (creating a manual for the systems in your home), to the nostalgic (assembling a living memory), this clear, step-by-step program not only removes the anxiety and stress from getting your life in order, it's actually liberating. And deeply satisfying, knowing that you're leaving the best parting gift imaginable.

When you finish this book, you will have: A system for managing all your passwords and secret codes Organized your money and assets, bills and debts A complete understanding of all the medical directives and legal documents you need--including Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Trusts A plan for meaningful photos, recipes, and family heirlooms Records of your personal history, interests, beliefs, and life lessons An instruction manual for your home and vehicles Your funeral planned and obituary written (if you're up for it)
Table of Contents
Introduction: Planning Is Importantp. vii
Level 1Start With Your Stuffp. 1
Passwords, People, Money, and Your Abode
Access Granted: Passwords & Codesp. 2
Sharing your phone passwordp. 3
Side Mission: Can we see some ID?p. 5
Passwords: The next levelp. 6
Password storage methodsp. 8
Keys to the kingdom: Your most important passwordsp. 10
Off-line timep. 12
Plan of Attack: Passwords & codesp. 13
All Your Money: Everywhere It Livesp. 14
Your financial blueprintp. 16
Questions for each financial accountp. 17
When the proof is in the paperp. 18
List your assetsp. 18
Side Mission: Making sure the kids are alrightp. 19
Life with benefitsp. 23
Why you (really) need joint accountsp. 27
Plan of Attack: Money you havep. 28
"Safe" deposit boxesp. 28
Your Pad: An Operating Systemp. 30
Pool your knowledgep. 31
Your home matrixp. 32
Basementp. 35
Main floorp. 36
Upstairsp. 38
Side Mission: Animal instinctsp. 39
The great outdoorsp. 42
Just put it in storagep. 44
Plan of Attack: Home Operating Systemp. 45
Hitting the roadp. 46
Making First Contactp. 47
Your top five contactsp. 48
What's up, Doc?p. 51
Money folksp. 52
Law abidingp. 52
An unbroken homep. 53
Side Mission: Parental guidancep. 55
Hitting the road (or water)p. 59
Your personal VIPsp. 59
Plan of Attack: Organizing contactsp. 60
Show them the wayp. 61
What about family?p. 61
Break Time: Life's Milestones and Pit Stopsp. 62
Level 2: Assemble The Piecesp. 65
Trusts, Wills, Health Care, and Your Digital Matrix
Wills, Trusts, And Powers Of Attorneyp. 66
When you're alive: POAp. 66
When you're dead: Willp. 70
Side Mission: Taking care of an actual businessp. 74
Plan of Attack: Your legal docs: POA and Willp. 82
When you're alive or dead: Trustsp. 86
Plan of Attack: Creating a Trustp. 92
Letter of Last Instructionsp. 93
Plan of Attack: Letter of Last Instructionsp. 94
Money You Owe: Debt, Credit & Insurancep. 96
Credit for organizingp. 97
Bills: The expectedp. 100
Bills: The unexpectedp. 104
Plan of Attack: Money you owep. 106
So. Much. Insurance.p. 107
Yet. More. Insurance.p. 111
Plan of Attack: Insurancep. 115
Your Medical Checkupp. 116
Your Personal Medical Journalp. 116
Plan of Attack: Construct your Personal Medical Journalp. 119
Advance Health Care Directivesp. 120
Living Willsp. 122
Life supportp. 124
Second life: Donating your organsp. 127
Side Mission: When life gets goldenp. 128
Plan of Attack: Create your Advance Directivep. 130
Let's Get Digitalp. 131
Why you need a Digital Estate Planp. 131
Your digital account matrixp. 136
Plan of Attack: Make a Digital Estate Planp. 143
The big close-outp. 144
Plan of Attack: Name a Digital Executorp. 152
Break Timep. 153
Talk the Talkp. 153
Stealth Talk: How to Gather Info from Loved Onesp. 156
Level 3: The Finishing Touchesp. 163
Memorabilia, Letters, Funeral Planning, and Obituaries
Memories: The Kind You See, Taste, and Holdp. 165
Photo finishp. 165
Plan of Attack: Physical memoriesp. 171
Delicious historyp. 172
Plan of Attack: Recipesp. 176
Personal antiquingp. 177
Plan of Attack: Heirloomsp. 178
Telling The Story Of Your Lifep. 179
Round 1: Your personal historyp. 179
Round 2: Your favorite thingsp. 180
Round 3: Your experiencesp. 181
Plan of Attack: Family treep. 183
Round 4: Your academic & professional lifep. 184
Round 5: Your religious & political beliefs and your charities & causesp. 184
Final round: Your hopes for the futurep. 186
Plan of Attack: Ethical Willp. 186
It's In The Mail: Legacy Lettersp. 187
Blurbs to friends, acquaintances & associatesp. 187
Letters to the important people in your lifep. 189
Side Mission: End-of-life medical directivesp. 192
Plan of Attack: Writing blurbs & lettersp. 195
Ready for your close-up: Videos for loved onesp. 196
It's (Really) Your Funeralp. 198
The most important funeral decision you'll makep. 198
Five steps to planning a traditional funeral and burialp. 199
A fiery exitp. 203
Paying it forward; Funeral financesp. 204
Plan of Attack: Plan your funeralp. 208
Last words ... in printp. 211
Plan of Attack: Write your own obituaryp. 213
Tiers of memorializationp. 218
Side Mission: Remove skeletons from your closetp. 221
Final Break Timep. 230
What Happens If ... You Don't Plan Ahead?
Afterwordp. 234
Plan of Attack Checklistp. 234
Acknowledgmentsp. 236
Resourcesp. 238
Indexp. 240
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