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Shapes and Colors Kit with Oombee cube and My First Shapes boardbook and My First Colors boardbook.
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A photo-illustrated primer of shapes.The first double-page spread introduces the forms and invites little fingers to trace around the dotted lines outlining everyday objects illustrating the shapes. In addition to a rectangular door, a square slice of toast (with what appears to be cream cheese and jelly), and a triangular button, there are a heart-shaped candy, a star-shaped cookie, and two notably 3-D objects standing in as two-dimensional shapes: a circular ball and an oval egg. Next up, bright photos of tortilla chips, a "cheese slice," a (triangular) kite, and more illustrate a spread about triangles. The following page shows a picture of an A-frame house and asks "What shapes can you see?" This pattern repeats until the book cycles through all the shapes. The project ends with a review of the shapes, smaller than ever, as they crowd the page. Most of the illustrations are crisp and bold against the white backgrounds and employ DK's seemingly infinite photo library. Some of the objects may be a bit of a stretch and may prove confusing or unfamiliar to toddlers (a heart-shaped pizza? Triangular bunting?), but little ones with be pleased to see some favorites in the mix, particularly two pages of colorful doughnuts (circle) and a wonderfully bright blue clutch of robins' eggs (oval). Useful if uninspired. (Board book. 1-3) Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.
Part of DK's successful My First series, this board book features images with clear labels and was created with a preschooler's stage of educational development in mind.

Preschoolers can learn about all different shapes in My First Shapes , an informational board book featuring images of triangles, rectangles, stars, hearts, and more, and including a toy train scene with all the My First Shapes called out.

The bold, beautiful images are labeled clearly, promoting early learning and language skills, and the pages are filled with the distinctive, iconic design of DK's My First series. Made with toddlers ages 0-2 in mind, the book's sturdy format is ideal for small hands to hold and carry.

Whether read alone or with an adult, My First Shapes encourages independent learning as preschoolers get to know all the basic shapes.

Series Overview: This refresh of DK's most successful board-book series includes updated photography, contemporary design, and an insightful approach to engaging preschoolers. With charming, bold design, clear labels, and a wide variety of topics, these first learning books encourage children to build the vocabulary and language skills that form the foundation of early education. DK's iconic My First board book series not only provides a collection of educational information books that children can refer back to again and again, but also offers a first taste of independent learning.

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