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Adulting 101 : #wisdom4life
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Adulting (verb) : To do grown-up things and have responsibilities such as a working full time, paying rent, or owning a car.

Basic life skills go mostly untaught in classrooms, so graduates are on their own to figure out how to live successfully in the world. Without any guidance, where do you start? Adulting 101 is a clever, practical, and timely guide to show how to: Find a job and be wildly successful at work Buy the items you need as an adult (apartment, car, insurance) Set goals, prioritize, and get work done Communicate professionally and effectively Save and invest wisely Navigate personal and professional relationships Avoid the common mistakes of being out on your own And much, much more This book will give you what you need to succeed and make a real impact, inspiring you to change the world and be the person you were meant to be.
Table of Contents
Introduction You Can Change the Worldp. 1
Part 1You Make a Difference
1#TheHearseAndTheUHaulp. 6
Have you ever seen a hearse pulling a U-Haul? Your personal mission statement should begin with the end in mind. Find out what really matters in life and why.
2#LeavingAWakep. 12
Your life matters! Your actions leave ripple effects on every person you interact with. Learn how to maximize that opportunity for impact.
Part 2Get a Job
3#PurpleHairInterviewp. 17
Many people interview, but only one gets the job. Stand out from your peers by getting inside the mind of an interviewer and learning how to succeed.
4#BeProfessionalp. 24
Does being on time really matter? What if I just want to "be myself" and wear what I want? Does e-mail etiquette actually impact my career? Rise above your peers by learning how to engage in the work place
5#LeadOrDiep. 30
Want to be wildly successful at work? The secret is, it's not about you! The top leadership tips and tricks to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.
Part 3Relationships
6#ChemistryCompetencep. 39
Relationships require emotional intelligence. Learn how to grow this crucial skill for work and at home.
7#ItsComplicatedp. 44
Dive into the hard questions about dating, marriage, and sex. What gives you the best opportunity for happiness in marriage? What do you need to know before you commit?
Part 4I Want to Be Rick
8#C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)p. 60
Systematic steps that anyone can follow to become a millionaire. Yes, you! You can do it. Discover an abundance mentality with your finances and never be broke again.
9#BudgetingBasicsp. 68
This chapter teaches the foundational principles needed to become wealthy. It all begins with creating a budget. But how?
10#LittleHingesp. 73
Find out the single most effective way to grow your money. Learn the best ways to save what you earn. This will change your life.
11#StillEatingRamenAt70p. 84
Investing can feel overwhelming and complicated. Here it is broken down into a few simple steps to follow when you are young. You can get started today!
Part 5How to Not Lose at the Game of Money
12#NeverPayTheStickerp. 92
Buying a car is often the largest purchase for a young adult. Avoid mistakes that will cost you for years to come.
13#GetAnApartmentp. 100
What are the differences between buying an apartment and a house? Which one should you buy, or should you rent? learn about the major differences and costs associated with both.
14#AdultsNeedInsurancep. 107
There is insurance for everything. What type (s) do you need? From where? This chapter gives a high-level overview of what to get and what to avoid.
15#INeedCreditp. 117
Everyone has a credit score, but do you understand it? Get to know how your credit score is calculated and how to have the best score possible.
Part 6Time Management
16#BigRocksp. 124
Time management. Priorities. How to get more done in less time. Maximize each day and be less stressed doing it.
17#SMARTGoalsp. 134
Successful people create goals. Don't be left behind. Learn how to not only set goals but achieve them.
Part 7Foundations
18#TheTopButtonp. 139
How to live your life to the fullest. The most Important chapter in this entire book. Don't miss it!
19#YouKnowYouAreAnAdultWhenp. 146
A compilation of life wisdom/advice from years of getting it wrong and occasionally getting it right. You will leave this chapter better off than you started it. *Ignore at your own risk.
Appendix 1How to Crush Collegep. 157
A systematic plan to do exceedingly well in college - tips for studying, making friends, interacting with professors, and more.
Appendix 2Life after College: How to Enter the Real World-Month 1p. 166
How to successfully launch after leaving school. Welcome to the real world!
Notesp. 170
Acknowledgmentsp. 174
About the Authorsp. 177
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