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Herbal medic : a green beret's guide to emergency medical preparedness and natural first aid
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With a focus on herbal medicine and first-aid essentials, former Green Beret medic and clinical herbalist Sam Coffman presents this comprehensive home reference on medical emergency preparedness for times when professional medical care is unavailable.

Herbal Medic covers first-aid essentials, such how to assess a situation and a person in need of treatment and distinguish between illness and injury, as well as how to prepare and use herbs when there is no access to conventional medical treatment. In addition, the book provides a basic introduction to herbal medicine, with detailed entries on the best herbs to use in treatment; information on disease in the body and how herbs work against it; instructions for making herbal preparations; a list of those herbs the author has found most useful in his clinical experience; and a wide array of specific herbal care protocols for a multitude of acute health issues.
Table of Contents
Prefacep. vi
Introductionp. viii
Part 1Orthodox First Aidp. 1
1The First-Aid Kitp. 2
Supplies and Toolsp. 4
Remedies (Internal and External)p. 9
Packing a First-Aid Kitp. 12
Containersp. 15
2Assessment of the Situationp. 16
Triangle 1Scene Surveyp. 18
Triangle 2Primary Surveyp. 19
Triangle 3Secondary Surveyp. 23
3Basic Skillsp. 28
Stopping Bleedingp. 29
Sealing Wounds: Occlusive Dressingsp. 31
Immobilization: Splints and Slingsp. 31
Taping Techniques for Injuriesp. 32
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)p. 34
Illustrated First-Aid Techniques
How to Apply a Splintp. 35
How to Make a Sling from a Cravat Bandagep. 36
How to Improvise a Tourniquetp. 38
How to Improvise a Compression Bandagep. 40
How to Improvise an Occlusive Dressingp. 41
How to Tape an Anklep. 42
How to Tape to Stabilize a Kneep. 45
Part 2Herbal First Aidp. 51
4Foundations of Herbalismp. 52
Paradigms of Healingp. 53
Getting Started with Plant Medicinep. 57
The Liverp. 58
The Mucosap. 60
The Immune Systemp. 61
The Urinary Tractp. 62
The Respiratory Tractp. 64
The Digestive Tractp. 66
The Nervous Systemp. 69
Adaptogensp. 72
5Making Medicinep. 73
The Right Herbs to the Right Tissuesp. 74
Using Solventsp. 79
Preparing Herbs for Usep. 80
Basic Equipment for Making Medicinep. 82
Infusions and Decoctionsp. 82
Tinctures and Glyceritesp. 85
Multifractional Extractsp. 91
Oils and Salvesp. 94
Other Vital Components of Herbal Medicinep. 96
Using Herbal Preparationsp. 101
6Creating Herbal Formulasp. 105
Mapping Out a Formulap. 106
20Useful Formulasp. 112
Part 3The Herbal Medic Inactionp. 127
7Shockp. 128
Hypovolemic Shockp. 129
Cardiogenic Shockp. 130
Neurogenic Shockp. 131
Anaphylactic Shockp. 131
Psychogenic Shockp. 132
Septic Shockp. 133
8Woundsp. 134
Immediate Assessmentp. 135
Cleaning and Closing Woundsp. 138
Using Herbs to Heal Woundsp. 140
Dealing with infectionp. 145
9Burnsp. 150
Mechanism of Injuryp. 152
Treating First-Degree Burnsp. 154
Treating Second-Degree Burnsp. 154
Treating Third-Degree Burnsp. 155
10Fracturesp. 159
Types of Fracturesp. 160
Stages of Healingp. 160
Nutrition to Assist Bone Healingp. 162
Herbs to Assist Bone Healingp. 163
Treating Soft Tissue Injuriesp. 164
Dislocations and Subluxationsp. 166
11Environmental Injuriesp. 168
Hyperthermia and Heat Injuriesp. 169
Hypothermia and Cold Injuriesp. 172
Altitude Illness and Injuriesp. 173
12Venoms and Poisonsp. 176
Venomous Snakebitesp. 177
Spider Bitesp. 183
Insect Bites and Stingsp. 184
Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Contact Dermatitisp. 184
13Viral and Bacterial Infectionsp. 186
Viral Infectionsp. 187
An Herbal Protocol for COVID-19p. 193
Bacterial Infectionsp. 197
14EENT: Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throatp. 205
The Eyesp. 206
The Earsp. 208
The Nosep. 210
The Throatp. 212
15Acute Carep. 215
Urinary Tract Infectionsp. 216
Gastrointestinal Distressp. 221
Internal Parasitesp. 224
16Emergency Childbirth (contributed by Katia LeMone)p. 227
Birth Is Normalp. 228
What to Do Firstp. 230
Support during Laborp. 232
The Actual Birthp. 234
After the Birthp. 236
Dealing with Hemorrhagep. 238
Dealing with a Tragic Outcomep. 241
Materia Medica for Childbirthp. 243
Part 4Materia Medicap. 253
70 Herbs to Knowp. 254
Common and Latin Names of Materia Medica Herbsp. 374
Common and Latin Names of Herbs Not Listed in the Materia Medicap. 376
Glossaryp. 378
Recommended Readingp. 381
Herb Suppliersp. 382
Indexp. 383
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