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Markets: A World to Discover
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A food writer revels in the wonders of local markets worldwide. "Be bold and be curious!" Originally published in Spanish, this enthusiastic, though occasionally awkwardly worded, celebration of markets and their wares (mostly the edible sort but with a few glances at other types of merchandise) invites readers to not only savor with all their senses the bounty of familiar types of fresh foods, but also to be open to new experiences--like dried Greenland shark (hákarl) from Reykjavík's Kolaportið Market (which gives off a "terrifying stench" to the uninitiated) and fried spiders at the markets in Skuon, Cambodia ("crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside"). Though Sucarrats never mentions online or financial markets and refers only vaguely to markets organized by "Native Americans" (depicted generically sporting feathered headbands and rowing canoes) and Australian Aboriginal people, he expands tremendously on Ted Lewin's classic Market! (1996) by specifically naming more than 40 active sites (all of which are located on a numbered map at the end). Also, along with crowing over distinctive products offered at many markets, he rightly highlights their double nature as both commercial and social centers whatever form they take. Sofroniou follows suit by blending glimpses of select actual locales with luscious spreads of different sorts of foodstuffs in roughly equal measure and populating indoor and outdoor scenes with a racially and culturally diverse mix of sellers, buyers, laborers, and browsers. (This book was reviewed digitally.) A foodie's delight, though with occasional half-baked morsels. (index) (Informational picture book. 7-10) Copyright (c) Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

A 2020 New York Public Library Top Spanish Language Book for Children! Now in English.

"A food writer revels in the wonders of local markets worldwide....A foodie's delight."-- Kirkus Reviews

Close your eyes and imagine the intoxicating smell of spices, fish, and exotic flowers. Welcome to the market! You might shop at a grocery store, but that's not where most of the world gets its food.

Markets is a gorgeously illustrated exploration of what has been the heart of civilization for thousands of years. Find out how markets got started, where food comes from, how people pay, and other fascinating treasures hidden among the stalls. Along the way, visit some of earth's most famous markets and bazaars in Asia, Africa, Europe, and beyond, from the indoor to the outdoor to the floating (and all included on a convenient map at the back)!

Written by Josep Sucarrats, a Catalan gastronomic writer, and with a foreword by Ferran Adrià, a three-star Michelin chef and former head of elBulli (one of the world's top restaurants), Markets is a cultural field trip led by passionate experts who care as much about where food comes from as food itself.

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