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The streets of Grants Pass, Oregon 2014
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This is not a history book nor is it a book of historical photos. However, as the years pass, it will become history. As the photographer and author of this, the first in a series of books about the streets of Grants Pass, I feel the reason for such an undertaking needs to be explained, and that is to simply record what the buildings looked like in 2014.At the end of the 19th Century, Grants Pass became a small city. It existed in name from 1864 when it got its first post office. Therefore, this book of streets, celebrates the 150 year of the name Grants Pass. The post office was in a private home and by no means indicated there was a town. Grants Pass was a community of wide spread farms with the nearest post office at Rock Point (Gold Hill area) 17 miles from what is now downtown Grants Pass.This is a picture book. There are few comments. It just shows how North 6th Street in Grants Pass, Oregon looked in 2014.
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