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Laptops for seniors for dummies
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The basics you need to get more comfortable with laptops, without any of the fluff

Laptops For Seniors For Dummies is just for you. We help readers in the 55+ club get the most out of their laptops. You'll discover how to choose the best laptop for your needs and how to use Microsoft Windows, to share photos, surf the web, use e-mail, and much more. With large text, clear graphics, and easy-to-follow instructions, this For Seniors For Dummies guide will get you up to speed on your new device in no time. Even if you're upgrading from a typewriter, we can help you choose the right laptop to buy, understand your operating system, use files and folders, download and install software, and stay safe online. It's all the stuff you need to know to make your laptop work for you.

Choose and purchase the right laptop for your needs Navigate your Windows 10 or 11 operating system with confidence and discover useful programs Connect to Wi-Fi, go online, send e-mails, and get started with social media Protect and secure your laptop and your personal data

Whether you're purchasing your first laptop or upgrading from older technology, this Dummies guide will take you step by step through everything you need to know to get laptop savvy.

Table of Contents
Introductionp. 1
About This Bookp. 1
Foolish Assumptionsp. 2
Icons Used in This Bookp. 2
Beyond the Bookp. 3
Where to Go from Herep. 3
Part 1Get Going!p. 5
Chapter 1Buying a Laptopp. 7
What Is a Laptop?p. 8
What Can You Can Do with a Laptop?p. 10
Get Up to Speed on Laptop Hardwarep. 13
Input Devices: Putting Stuff Inp. 16
Output Devices: Getting Stuff Outp. 18
What Is Software?p. 18
What Ports Should a Laptop Have?p. 21
Choose a Display Typep. 22
Evaluate Your Storage Optionsp. 24
Consider How You Will Get Onlinep. 26
Where to Shop for Your New Laptopp. 27
Chapter 2Setting Up Your Laptopp. 31
Out of the Box: Set Up Your New Laptopp. 32
Set Up Windowsp. 36
Take a First Look at Windowsp. 38
Use a Mouse, Trackball, or Touchscreenp. 40
Get Familiar with the Start Menup. 43
Sign Out and Inp. 46
Switch Accountsp. 48
Lock Windows While You're Awayp. 49
Restart Windowsp. 50
Place the Laptop in Sleep Modep. 51
Shut Down Your Laptopp. 51
Create Additional User Accountsp. 52
Change an Account's Typep. 55
Manage Family Settingsp. 57
Chapter 3Buying and Setting Up a Printerp. 59
Do You Need a Printer?p. 60
Choose the Right Printerp. 60
Unpack and Install a New Printerp. 62
Set Up a Printer to Work with Windowsp. 62
Seta Default Printerp. 65
Set Printer Preferencesp. 67
Manage a Print Queuep. 70
Remove a Printerp. 71
Part 2Getting Things Done with Softwarep. 73
Chapter 4Working with Apps in Windowsp. 75
Learn the Names of Thingsp. 76
Start an Appp. 79
Exit an Appp. 82
Find Your Way Around in a Desktop Appp. 84
Find Your Way Around in a Microsoft Store Appp. 88
Work with a Windowp. 89
Switch Among Running Appsp. 92
Move and Copy Data Between Appsp. 95
Install New Appsp. 99
Remove Appsp. 102
Chapter 5Six Great Apps That Come with Windowsp. 105
Do the Math with the Calculator Appp. 106
Write Brilliant Documents with WordPadp. 108
Jot Quick Notes with Notepadp. 112
Set Alarms and Timersp. 114
Keep Up on the Weatherp. 117
Saving Time with Cortanap. 119
Explore Other Windows Appsp. 122
Chapter 6Managing Your Personal Filesp. 125
Understand How Windows Organizes Datap. 126
Explore the File Explorer Interfacep. 130
Move Between Different Locationsp. 132
Locate Files and Foldersp. 135
View File Listings in Different Waysp. 138
Select Multiple Items at Oncep. 140
Move or Copy an Itemp. 141
Delete or Restore an Itemp. 143
Rename an Itemp. 144
Create a Shortcut to an Itemp. 145
Create a Compressed Filep. 146
Customize the Quick Access Listp. 147
Back Up Files to an External Drivep. 149
Chapter 7Managing Powerp. 151
Change How Quickly Power-Saving Features Kick Inp. 152
Change the Display Brightnessp. 154
Adjust the Battery Saverp. 156
Choose a Power Planp. 158
Create a Customized Power Planp. 159
Define Power Button Functionsp. 160
Chapter 8Making Windows Your Ownp. 163
Customize the Windows 11 Start Menup. 164
Customize the Windows 11 Taskbarp. 166
Customize the Windows 10 Start Menup. 167
Customize the Windows 10 Taskbarp. 170
Customize the Screen Resolution and Scalep. 171
Apply a Desktop Themep. 173
Change Desktop Background Imagep. 173
Change the Accent Colorp. 175
Manage Desktop Iconsp. 177
Add Widgets to the Desktopp. 178
Make Windows More Accessiblep. 179
Part 3Going Onlinep. 185
Chapter 9Getting Connected to the Internetp. 187
What Is the Internet?p. 188
Explore Different Types of Internet Connectionsp. 190
Identify the Hardware Requiredp. 194
Set Up a Wi-Fi Internet Connectionp. 197
Assess Your Software Situationp. 199
Chapter 10Browsing the Webp. 201
Meet the Edge Browserp. 202
Search the Webp. 206
Find Content on a Web Pagep. 209
Pin a Tabp. 210
Create and Manage a Favorites Listp. 210
Use Favoritesp. 213
View Your Browsing Historyp. 214
Print a Web Pagep. 215
Customize the New Tab Page and the Home Pagep. 217
Adjust Microsoft Edge Settingsp. 219
Chapter 11Staying Safe While Onlinep. 221
Understand Technology Risks on the Internetp. 222
Download Files Safelyp. 224
Use InPrivate Browsingp. 226
Use SmartScreen Filter and Block Unwanted Appsp. 227
Change Edge Privacy Settingsp. 229
Understand Information Exposurep. 231
Keep Your Information Privatep. 233
Spot Phishing Scams and Other Email Fraudp. 235
Create Strong Passwordsp. 237
Chapter 12Keeping in Touch with Mailp. 241
Sign Up for an Email Accountp. 242
Set Up Accounts in the Mail Appp. 244
Get to Know the Mail Interfacep. 246
Receive Messagesp. 247
Reply to or Forward a Messagep. 249
Create and Send Emailp. 251
Manage Addressesp. 253
Send an Attachmentp. 255
Change Mail Account Settingsp. 256
Chapter 13Working in the Cloudp. 259
Understand Cloud-Based Applicationsp. 260
Use Microsoft Office on the Webp. 262
Access Your OneDrive Storagep. 263
Add Files to OneDrivep. 265
Share a Folder or File Using OneDrivep. 267
Create a New OneDrive Folderp. 269
Use the Personal Vaultp. 270
Adjust OneDrive Settingsp. 271
Configure Online Synchronizationp. 272
Chapter 14Connecting with People Onlinep. 275
Use Discussion Boards and Blogsp. 276
Participate in a Chatp. 278
Understand Instant Messagesp. 280
Explore Microsoft Teamsp. 281
Explore Skypep. 284
Use a Webcamp. 286
Get an Overview of Collaborative and Social Networking Sitesp. 288
Sign Up for a Social Networking Servicep. 289
Understand How Online Dating Worksp. 291
Part 4Having Funp. 295
Chapter 15Let's Play a Game!p. 297
Learn the Types of Game Deliveryp. 297
Explore the Various Gaming Genresp. 299
Understand How Game-Makers Get Paidp. 305
A Few of My Favoritesp. 307
Chapter 16Creating and Viewing Digital Photos and Videosp. 313
Capture Pictures and Video with the Camera Appp. 314
Make Audio Recordings with Voice Recorderp. 319
Make Audio Recordings with Sound Recorderp. 322
Find and Play Videos Using the Movies & TV Appp. 324
Transfer Photos and Videos from a Camera or Phonep. 328
View and Edit Photos in the Photos Appp. 329
Create a Video with the Video Editorp. 331
Chapter 17Listening to Music on Your Laptopp. 335
Prepare to Listen to Digital Musicp. 336
Get to Know Windows Media Playerp. 339
Access Your Stored Musicp. 342
Play Musicp. 344
Create a Piaylistp. 346
Rip a Music CDp. 349
Burn a Music CDp. 352
Acquire New Musicp. 353
Part 5Windows Toolkitp. 355
Chapter 18Working with Networksp. 357
Plan and Set Up a Home Networkp. 358
Enable Wireless Router Securityp. 360
Set Up File Sharing on Your PCp. 362
Choose What Folders to Sharep. 364
Share a Local Printerp. 367
Connect Bluetooth Devices to Your PCp. 370
Use Your Cell Phone as a Hotspotp. 371
Chapter 19Protecting and Securing Your Laptopp. 373
Physically Secure Your Laptopp. 374
Choose Security Softwarep. 376
Update Windowsp. 378
Check Windows Security Settingsp. 381
Change Your Microsoft Account Passwordp. 383
Change How You Sign into Windowsp. 385
Chapter 20Troubleshooting and Maintaining Your Laptopp. 387
Troubleshoot Startup Problemsp. 388
Troubleshoot Hardware Problemsp. 388
Shut Down an Unresponsive Applicationp. 389
Troubleshoot Application Problemsp. 392
Repair or Remove an Appp. 393
Set an App to Run in Compatibility Modep. 395
Restore Your System Filesp. 396
Use Windows Troubleshooter Utilitiesp. 399
Reset Your PC: The Last Resortp. 401
Free Up Disk Spacep. 403
Indexp. 407
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