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GED test prep 2023/2024 : with online practice
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Your secret weapon to succeeding on the GED test the first time around

Congratulations on committing to your education! You've studied hard and made it a long way. All that stands in your way now is the GED test. We know you can do it. You know you can do it. It's just a matter of studying hard, studying smart, and getting in the right mindset to conquer the test once and for all.

In GED Test 2023/2024 For Dummies , you'll find all the content review and practice you need to perfect your grammar and punctuation, take the fear out of math and science, and master social studies. You'll get a handle on your test anxiety, practice the parts where you need extra work, and prepare with two full-length practice exams.

You'll also find:

Brand-new practice problems updated for the latest version of the test in the book and online Refreshed information about testing procedures and mechanics Tips and tricks to help you improve the efficiency of your studying and thorough coverage of updates to the test made for 2023-2024

Yes, the GED test is challenging. But with the right preparation and resources you can go into the test confident in your ability to ace every one of the math, language arts, science, and social studies sections.

Table of Contents
Introductionp. 1
About This Bookp. 1
A Few Assumptionsp. 2
Icons Used in This Bookp. 2
Beyond the Bookp. 3
Where to Go from Herep. 3
Part 1Getting Started with the GED Testp. 5
Chapter 1A Quick Glance at the GED Testp. 7
What to Expect: The Testing Formatp. 8
Reviewing the Test Sectionsp. 8
Reasoning through Language Arts testp. 9
Social Studies testp. 10
Science testp. 11
Mathematical Reasoning testp. 12
It's a Date: Scheduling the Testp. 13
Determining whether you're eligiblep. 13
Knowing when you can take the testp. 14
Taking the GED Test When English Is Your Second Languagep. 15
What You Have to Score to Pass the GED Testp. 16
Identifying how scores are determinedp. 16
Knowing what to do if you score poorly on one or more testsp. 16
Chapter 2The Ins and Outs of the Computerized GED Testp. 17
Familiarizing Yourself with the Computerp. 17
Typing on the keyboardp. 18
Clicking and dragging with the mousep. 19
Recognizing What the Questions Look Like on the Computer Screenp. 21
Reasoning through Language Arts testp. 21
Social Studies testp. 27
Science testp. 30
Mathematical Reasoning testp. 31
Flag for Review buttonp. 35
Chapter 3The GED Test's Four Sections and Youp. 37
Examining the Reasoning through Language Arts Testp. 37
The reading sectionp. 38
The grammar and language sectionp. 41
Handling the Social Studies Testp. 44
Knowing How to Grapple with the Science Testp. 45
Conquering the Mathematical Reasoning Testp. 46
Chapter 4Succeeding on the GED Testp. 49
Leading Up to Test Timep. 49
Using Practice Tests to Your Advantagep. 50
Finding Out What to Take to the GED Testp. 51
Making Sure You're Comfortable Before the Test Beginsp. 52
Discovering Important Test-Taking Strategiesp. 53
Watching the clock: Using your time wiselyp. 53
Addressing and answering questionsp. 54
Guess for success: Using intelligent guessingp. 54
Leaving time for reviewp. 55
Keeping Your Head in the Gamep. 56
Part 2Minding Your PS and QS: The Reasoning through Language Arts Testp. 57
Chapter 5Preparing for the Reasoning through Language Arts Testp. 59
Grasping What's on the Grammar and Language Componentp. 60
Looking at the skills the Grammar and Language component coversp. 60
Understanding the format of the Grammar and Language componentp. 62
Rocking the Reading Comprehension Componentp. 62
Looking at the skills the Reading component coversp. 62
Understanding the format of the Reading componentp. 63
Identifying the types of passages and how to prepare for themp. 63
Preparing for the RLA Test with Tactics That Workp. 65
Developing skills to read wellp. 65
Improving your mastery of grammar and language skillsp. 66
Learning about the format and content of each test sectionp. 67
Chapter 6RLA Question Types and Solving Strategiesp. 69
Tackling Grammar and Language Questionsp. 69
Choosing Wisely in the Reading Componentp. 72
Dealing with multiple-choice Reading questionsp. 72
Dealing with drag-and-drop Reading questionsp. 73
Dealing with questions with multiple passage setsp. 74
Chapter 7Working through Some Practice RLA Questionsp. 77
RLA Grammar and Language Practice Questionsp. 77
The questionsp. 78
The answersp. 84
RLA Reading Comprehension Practicep. 87
The questionsp. 87
The answersp. 94
Chapter 8Preparing for the Extended Response Componentp. 97
Examining the Extended Response Itemp. 97
Looking at the skills the Extended Response coversp. 98
Understanding the Extended Response formatp. 98
Preparing to succeed on the Extended Responsep. 99
Writing the RLA Extended Responsep. 101
Managing your timep. 101
Putting together a winning essayp. 103
Chapter 9Writing an Extended Response Itemp. 105
Getting Familiar with RLA Extended Responsep. 105
A Sample Extended Response Promptp. 106
Evaluating Your Responsep. 107
Checking Out a Sample Responsep. 107
Part 3Finding Your Way: The Social Studies Testp. 109
Chapter 10A Graph, a Map, and You: Getting Ready for the Social Studies Testp. 111
Looking at the Skills the Social Studies Test Coversp. 112
Understanding the Social Studies Test Format and Contentp. 114
Checking out the subject areas on the testp. 114
Identifying the types of passagesp. 115
Examining Preparation Strategies That Workp. 115
Chapter 11Social Studies Question Types and Solving Strategiesp. 117
Answering Questions about Text and Visual Materialsp. 117
Questions about text passagesp. 118
Questions about visual materialsp. 118
Acing the Social Studies Itemsp. 121
Choosing an answer from multiple choicesp. 121
Coming up with an answer for fill-in-the-blank questionsp. 123
Dragging and dropping answers where they belongp. 124
Choosing from a drop-down menup. 125
Managing Your Time for the Social Studies Testp. 125
Chapter 12Practicing Social Studies Questionsp. 127
Social Studies Practice Questionsp. 127
Answers and Explanationsp. 145
Part 4Peering at Your Specimen: The Science Testp. 151
Chapter 13From Aardvarks to Atoms: Confronting the Science Testp. 153
Looking at the Skills the Science Test Coversp. 154
Understanding the Test Format and What Topics Are Coveredp. 154
Examining Preparation Strategies That Workp. 156
Chapter 14Science Question Types and Solving Strategiesp. 159
Tackling the Science Test Questionsp. 159
Questions about text passagesp. 160
Questions about visual materialsp. 160
Practicing with Sample Itemsp. 163
Multiple-choice questionsp. 163
Fill-in-the-blank questionsp. 164
Drag-and-drop questionsp. 165
Drop-down menu questionsp. 166
Managing Your Time for the Science Testp. 167
Chapter 15Sampling Some Science Practice Questionsp. 169
Science Practice Questionsp. 169
Answers and Explanationsp. 189
Part 5Counting All the Possible Solutions: The Mathematical Reasoning Testp. 193
Chapter 16Safety in Numbers: Facing the Mathematical Reasoning Testp. 195
Looking at the Skills the Math Test Coversp. 195
Understanding the Test Formatp. 197
Revealing Some Helpful Prep Pointersp. 197
Chapter 17Mathematical Reasoning Question Types and Solving Strategiesp. 201
Perfecting Your Approach with Sample Questionsp. 201
Making the most of multiple-choice questionsp. 202
Providing the answer in fill-in-the-blank itemsp. 204
Answering other special item typesp. 204
Using the Mathematical Reasoning Test's Special Featuresp. 205
Solving questions with and without a calculatorp. 206
Refreshing your memory with the formula sheetp. 206
Inserting special symbolsp. 207
Managing Your Time for the Math Testp. 207
Chapter 18Practicing Sample Mathematical Reasoning Problemsp. 209
Mathematical Reasoning Practice Questionsp. 210
Answers and Explanationsp. 220
Part 6Putting Your Skills to the Test: GED Practice Test 1p. 225
Chapter 19Practice Test 1: Reasoning through Language Artsp. 227
Answer Sheet for Practice Test 1, Reasoning through Language Artsp. 228
Extended Responsep. 241
Chapter 20Answers for Practice Test 1, Reasoning through Language Artsp. 245
Answers and Explanationsp. 246
Sample Extended Responsep. 250
Answer Keyp. 251
Chapter 21Practice Test 1: Social Studiesp. 253
Answer Sheet for Practice Test 1, Social Studiesp. 254
Chapter 22Answers for Practice Test 1, Social Studiesp. 271
Answers and Explanationsp. 272
Answer Keyp. 277
Chapter 23Practice Test 1: Sciencep. 279
Answer Sheet for Practice Test 1, Sciencep. 280
Science Testp. 281
Chapter 24Answers for Practice Test 1, Sciencep. 297
Answers and Explanationsp. 298
Answer Keyp. 303
Chapter 25Practice Test 1: Mathematical Reasoningp. 305
Answer Sheet for Practice Test 1, Mathematical Reasoningp. 306
Chapter 26Answers for Practice Test 1, Mathematical Reasoningp. 321
Answers and Explanationsp. 322
Answer Keyp. 332
Part 7Getting More Test Practice: GED Practice Test 2p. 333
Chapter 27Practice Test 2: Reasoning through Language Artsp. 335
Answer Sheet for Practice Test 2, Reasoning through Language Artsp. 336
Extended Responsep. 349
Chapter 28Answers for Practice Test 2, Reasoning through Language Artsp. 355
Answers and Explanationsp. 356
Sample Extended Responsep. 360
Answer Keyp. 361
Chapter 29Practice Test 2: Social Studiesp. 363
Answer Sheet for Practice Test 2, Social Studiesp. 364
Chapter 30Answers for Practice Test 2, Social Studiesp. 377
Answers and Explanationsp. 378
Answer Keyp. 382
Chapter 31Practice Test 2: Sciencep. 383
Answer Sheet for Practice Test 2, Sciencep. 384
Chapter 32Answers for Practice Test 2, Sciencep. 399
Answers and Explanationsp. 400
Answer Keyp. 404
Chapter 33Practice Test 2: Mathematical Reasoningp. 405
Answer Sheet for Practice Test 2, Mathematical Reasoningp. 406
Chapter 34Answers for Practice Test 2, Mathematical Reasoningp. 421
Answers and Explanationsp. 422
Answer Keyp. 429
Part 8The Part of Tensp. 431
Chapter 35Ten Surefire Ways to Prepare for the GED Testp. 433
Strategizing Where and When You Will Testp. 433
Taking Practice Testsp. 434
Studying Subject-Matter Booksp. 434
Enrolling in a GED Test Preparation Classp. 435
Setting a Time and a Place to Studyp. 436
Getting Familiar with the Computer, Calculator, and Formula Sheetp. 436
Preparing for the Test in Your Mindp. 437
Getting Good Rest the Week before the Testp. 437
Making Sure You Have Proper Identificationp. 437
Setting Up Your Test Area or Getting to the Test Sitep. 437
Chapter 36Ten Tips for Surviving Test Dayp. 439
Wear Comfortable Clothesp. 439
Arrive at the Test Site Earlyp. 440
Keep Conversations Light and Shortp. 440
Arrange Your Work Areap. 441
Relax and Breathep. 441
Stay Focused on the Task at Handp. 442
Look at Only Your Testp. 442
Start with the Easy Questionsp. 443
Write Clearly and Carefullyp. 443
Do Your Best, No Matter Whatp. 443
Appendix: Practicing Basic Computer Skills for the GED Testp. 445
Indexp. 453
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