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Emotionally resilient tweens and teens : empowering your kids to navigate bullying, teasing, and social exclusion
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Essential reading for parents of grade schoolers through teens experiencing bullying, social exclusion, and teasing-with uplifting stories from young adults who have navigated those experiences and triumphed.

The tween and teen years are rife with intense social challenges in school, friendships, sports, and other activities where instances of teasing, bullying, social exclusion and marginalization are unfortunately all too common. Social media has only made this behavior easier and more insidious. But when kids ages 9 and up can be coached by a parent to respond effectively, manage their emotions in social situations, and recognize their own self-worth, they can reclaim a sense of their own power and develop skills like resilience, social and emotional intelligence and compassion for life.

Kim John Payne, a leading education consultant and parenting expert, and Luis Fernando Llosa, a writer and longtime sports coach, offer guidance and practical advice to parents, along with ten inspirational stories in the voice of young adults who have navigated bullying, teasing and social exclusion-and triumphed. The Emotionally Resilient Child gives tweens and teens the tools to address the problem themselves and develop mastery over the situation-rather than having parents step in and try to "fix" things. This book also gives parents vital proactive strategies to help build strong family relationships, trust and connection, so that kids can be better prepared for the inevitable social challenges life brings.
Table of Contents
Introductionp. 1
Part 1Advice to Parents
1What to Do and What Not to Dop. 9
2Belonging Is a Process, Not a Rightp. 24
3Bullying without Borders: Cyberbullyingp. 31
4"I Can Help. I Am Here for You."p. 45
Part 2Your Ten-Story Toolbox
5The New Kid: Anika's Storyp. 63
6But What If It's True? Daniels Storyp. 81
7How I Got My Confidence Back: Sara's Storyp. 98
8A New Group, a New Me: Joey's Storyp. 118
9Its Life That's Bullying Me: Sophie's Storyp. 137
10The Shy Kid's Gift of Inner Strength: Destiny's Storyp. 159
11Stop Pushing Me Around: Michael's Storyp. 177
12Rumors and Whispers: Elena's Storyp. 204
13Truth Telling and Tattling: Emma's Storyp. 228
14Standing Up and Speaking Out: Darpan's Storyp. 249
Acknowledgmentsp. 281
Notesp. 282
Additional Resourcesp. 284
About the Authorsp. 286
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