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Microsoft Office step by step : (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365)
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The quick way to learn popular Microsoft 365 apps!

This is learning made easy. Get more done quickly with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Jump in wherever you need answers--brisk lessons and detailed screenshots show you exactly what to do, step by step.

* Discover new time-savers and usability improvements for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

* Format and organize high-impact documents and use Word's enhanced coauthoring tools

* Build powerful, reliable Excel worksheets and analyze complex data sets

* Prepare highly effective presentations with PowerPoint's newest visual tools

* Improve your productivity with Outlook email, scheduling, and contacts

* Make the most of the latest Accessibility Checker and other new features

* Look up just the tasks and lessons you need

Download your Step by Step practice files at:

Table of Contents
Acknowiedgmentsp. xv
About the authorsp. xvii
iIntroductionp. xix
Who this book is forp. xix
The Step by Step approachp. xix
Features and conventionsp. xx
Download the practice filesp. xxi
E-book editionp. xxv
Get support and give feedbackp. xxv
Errata and supportp. xxv
Stay in touchp. xxv
Adapt exercise stepsp. xxvi
Part 1Microsoft Office (Microsoft 365 Apps)
1Explore Officep. 3
Work in the Office user interfacep. 4
Identify app window elementsp. 6
Work with the ribbon and status barp. 12
Adapt procedures for your environmentp. 14
Discover new featuresp. 19
Change Office and app optionsp. 21
Manage account informationp. 21
Microsoft account optionsp. 22
Manage app optionsp. 25
Display and customize the Quick Access Toolbarp. 29
Customize the ribbonp. 34
Get help and provide feedbackp. 38
Key pointsp. 43
Practice tasksp. 44
2Create and manaqe filesp. 49
Create filesp. 50
Open and move around in filesp. 54
Display different views of filesp. 59
Display and edit file propertiesp. 63
File types and compatibility with earlier versions of Office appsp. 64
Save and close filesp. 67
Save files to OneDrivep. 70
Key pointsp. 72
Practice tasksp. 73
Part 2Microsoft Word
3Modify the structure and appearance of textp. 79
Apply paragraph formattingp. 80
Configure alignmentp. 81
Configure vertical spacingp. 82
Configure indentsp. 85
Configure paragraph borders and shadingp. 88
Apply character formattingp. 89
Character formatting and case considerationsp. 94
Format the first letter of a paragraph as a drop capp. 96
Structure content manuallyp. 97
Create and modify listsp. 101
Format text as you typep. 106
Apply built-in styles to textp. 107
Apply stylesp. 107
Manage outline levelsp. 112
Change the document themep. 114
Key pointsp. 118
Practice tasksp. 119
4Collaborate on documentsp. 125
Mark up documentsp. 126
Insert commentsp. 126
Track changesp. 128
Display and review document markupp. 132
Display markupp. 132
Review and respond to commentsp. 138
Review and process tracked changesp. 140
Remember to check for errorsp. 142
Compare and combine documentsp. 143
Compare and combine separate copies of a documentp. 143
Compare separate versions of a documentp. 146
Control content changesp. 147
Restrict actionsp. 148
Restrict access by using a passwordp. 153
Coauthor documentsp. 158
Key pointsp. 162
Practice tasksp. 163
5Merge data with documents and labelsp. 167
Understand the mail merge processp. 168
Start the mail merge processp. 169
Get started with lettersp. 170
Get started with labelsp. 171
Get started with email messagesp. 174
Attaching files to email merge messagesp. 175
Choose and refine the data sourcep. 176
Select an existing data sourcep. 177
Create a new data sourcep. 180
Refine the data source recordsp. 181
Refresh datap. 186
Insert merge fieldsp. 186
Preview and complete the mergep. 189
Create individual envelopes and labelsp. 191
Generate individual envelopesp. 192
Generate individual mailing labelsp. 195
Key pointsp. 198
Practice tasksp. 199
Part 3Excel
6Perform calculations on datap. 205
Name data rangesp. 206
Operators and precedencep. 210
Create formulas to calculate valuesp. 210
Summarize data that meets specific conditionsp. 217
Copy and move formulasp. 221
Create array formulasp. 224
Find and correct errors in calculationsp. 226
Configure automatic and iterative calculation optionsp. 230
Key pointsp. 233
Practice tasksp. 234
7Manage worksheet datap. 237
Filter data ranges and tablesp. 238
Summarize filtered datap. 243
Randomly select list rowsp. 249
Enforce data entry criteriap. 250
Key pointsp. 256
Practice tasksp. 257
8Reorder and summarize datap. 259
Sort worksheet datap. 260
Sort data by using custom listsp. 266
Outline and subtotal datap. 268
Key pointsp. 272
Practice tasksp. 273
9Analyze alternative data setsp. 275
Define and display alternative data setsp. 276
Forecast data by using data tablesp. 281
Identify the input necessary to achieve a specific resultp. 284
Key pointsp. 286
Practice tasksp. 287
Part 4PowerPoint
10Create and manage slidesp. 291
Add and remove slidesp. 292
Insert new slidesp. 293
Copy and import slides and contentp. 294
Hide and delete slidesp. 300
Apply themesp. 301
Change slide backgroundsp. 305
Non-theme colorsp. 313
Divide presentations into sectionsp. 314
Rearrange slides and sectionsp. 316
Key pointsp. 319
Practice tasksp. 320
11Insert and manage simple graphicsp. 323
Insert, move, and resize picturesp. 324
Graphic formatsp. 326
Edit and format picturesp. 329
Provide additional information about picturesp. 334
Create a photo albump. 337
Insert and format iconsp. 342
Work with scalable vector graphicsp. 344
Draw and modify shapesp. 345
Draw and add text to shapesp. 345
Locate additional formatting commandsp. 347
Move and modify shapesp. 348
Format shapesp. 350
Connect shapesp. 354
Key pointsp. 355
Practice tasksp. 356
12Add sound and movement to slidesp. 361
Animate text and pictures on slidesp. 362
Animate thisp. 368
Morphing slide content into new formsp. 372
Customize animation effectsp. 372
Bookmark points of interest in media clipsp. 378
Add audio content to slidesp. 380
Add video content to slidesp. 386
Compress media to decrease file sizep. 390
Hyperlink to additional resourcesp. 393
Key pointsp. 394
Practice tasksp. 395
Part 5Microsoft Outlook
13Send and receive email messagesp. 401
Create and send messagesp. 402
Create messagesp. 404
Troubleshoot message addressingp. 409
Save and send messagesp. 414
Send from a specific accountp. 415
Attach files and Outlook items to messagesp. 418
New mail notificationsp. 426
Display messages and message attachmentsp. 427
Display message contentp. 427
Display attachment contentp. 429
Display message participant informationp. 433
Respond to messagesp. 436
Resending and recalling messagesp. 440
Key pointsp. 442
Practice tasksp. 443
14Organize your Inboxp. 447
Display and manage messagesp. 448
Select the primary Inbox contentp. 448
Display and manage conversationsp. 449
Arrange messages by specific attributesp. 455
Categorize itemsp. 459
Store information in Outlook notesp. 464
Organize messages in foldersp. 467
Print messagesp. 471
Key pointsp. 473
Practice tasksp. 474
15Manage schedulingp. 477
Display different views of a calendarp. 478
Use the Date Navigatorp. 482
Schedule appointments and eventsp. 484
Convert calendar itemsp. 489
Add holidays to your calendarp. 490
Configure calendar item optionsp. 493
Schedule and change meetingsp. 498
Respond to meeting requestsp. 506
Key pointsp. 508
Practice tasksp. 509
Appendix: Keyboard shortcutsp. 513
Indexp. 521
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