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Parenting while working from home : a monthly guide to help parents balance their careers, connect with their kids, establish their inner strength
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Tunis and Medini, founders of the parenting advice website Adore Them Parenting, deliver an encouraging guide on thriving as a parent while working from home. The book is divided into the months of the year, with each month focusing on a topic, among them professional communication, time management, and decluttering. April's chapter, for example, is about improving a parent's confidence (by adopting, for instance, self-assured body language), setting healthy expectations for children (by explaining rules for new environments such as playdates or the store), and making a kid-friendly home to encourage independence (such as giving a young child the responsibility of getting their own snacks). Tunis and Medini write with compassion and frame even hard days in a positive light: "We want to train our brains to see the bright side." The authors successfully make the case that parenting while working from home, rather than being merely possible, can be a positive experience. Parents will finish the book feeling inspired and empowered. (Jan.)
Booklist Review
Medini and Tunis, cocreators of, have been working from home while raising families for the past decade. With six kids between them, the authors have discovered that, with a positive mindset, it's possible to enjoy this hectic phase of life--to not only survive but also thrive. With many caregivers working from home while parenting and supervising their children's schooling, the authors' advice is timely and valuable. Serving as a journal as well as a guide, the book is organized by the month, making it easy for readers to find their starting place and work their way through the year. Each chapter provides authentic ways for caregivers to focus on themselves, connect with their kids, and improve working from home. Each month begins and ends with space to write goals and reflections, making this transformative process both thoughtful and intentional. Whether working from home while parenting as a temporary solution or a more long-term plan, readers will get advice for finding a rhythm, maintaining positivity, and balancing everything, while still having fun.
Parenting in December is very different from parenting in July―especially while working from home!

As more parents work from home than ever before, there are unique challenges when it comes to meeting the demands of their job, helping their kids thrive, and finding even five minutes to take care of themselves. Parenting While Working from Home offers tips, strategies, and reflections to help parents balance their careers, connect with their kids, and establish their inner strength over the course of a year. Parenting experts and founders of the popular website, Adore Them Parenting, Karissa Tunis and Shari Medini share actionable tips, heartfelt insight, and planning strategies to help you enjoy your own parenting journey while working from home.

Building on the authors' own experiences and the most common challenges they hear parents voicing today, Parenting While Working from Home encourages parents to make intentional changes that will result in happier families and thriving careers. This practical guide will teach you how to: Manage your time so that both your kids and your job get the attention they need Build a professional network and maintain your productivity from home Create a kid-friendly environment that encourages independence and strong sibling bonds Consistently tune in to your own needs so that you can meet your true potential And so much more While it isn't always easy, working from home while raising a family can (and should) be an incredible experience. Parenting While Working from Home offers comfort in shared struggles, new solutions, and calmer days ahead!
Table of Contents
Introductionp. ix
Chapter 1Januaryp. 1
Focus on You: Take Time for Yourself
Connect with Your Kids: Set New Goals
Work from Home: Find a Balance
Chapter 2Februaryp. 15
Focus on You: Create a Solid Foundation
Connect with Your Kids: Help Your Kids with Friendships
Work from Home: Communicate Professionally
Chapter 3Marchp. 32
Focus on You: Manage Your Time
Connect with Your Kids: Enjoy Easy Activity Ideas
Work from Home: Set up Your Workstation
Chapter 4Aprilp. 45
Focus on You: Improve Your Confidence
Connect with Your Kids: Set Healthy Expectations
Work from Home: Make Your House Kid-Friendly
Chapter 5Mayp. 58
Focus on You: Practice Simple Self-Care
Connect with Your Kids: Prepare for Summer Fun
Work from Home: Maintain Your Productivity
Chapter 6Junep. 75
Focus on You: Appreciate and Celebrate Dads
Connect with Your Kids: Help Siblings Get Along
Work from Home: Recognize and Address Burnout
Chapter 7Julyp. 91
Focus on You: Simplify Your Life
Connect with Your Kids: Plan for Youth Sports
Work from Home: Find Creative Childcare Options
Chapter 8Augustp. 106
Focus on You: Find Time for Wellness
Connect with Your Kids: Prepare for School
Work from Home: Enjoy Your Work Day
Chapter 9Septemberp. 122
Focus on You: Focus on Your Health
Connect with Your Kids: Advocate for Education
Work from Home: Establish Realistic Routines
Chapter 10Octoberp. 136
Focus on You: Make Your Home a Retreat
Connect with Your Kids: Enjoy Fall Family Activities
Work from Home: Build Your Network
Chapter 11Novemberp. 151
Focus on You: Help Your Community
Connect with Your Kids: Encourage independent Play
Work from Home: Plan Ahead for the Holidays
Chapter 12Decemberp. 166
Focus on You: Find Magic in the Season
Connect with Your Kids: Help Your Kids through the Holidays
Work from Home: Finish the Year Strong
Look Aheadp. 178
About the Authorsp. 184
Acknowledgmentsp. 185
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