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Gardentopia : design basics for creating beautiful outdoor spaces
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Publishers Weekly Review
Readers with even the slightest interest in beautifying an outdoor space-large or small-should find something of value in this expansive guide from landscape designer Johnsen (The Spirit of Stone: 101 Practical & Creative Stonescaping Ideas for Your Garden). She emphasizes the importance of deciding upon a goal for a garden and visualizing its final appearance before beginning work on it, declaring that the sum of any such project is greater than its parts. Johnsen takes care to dissect these parts, revealing creative possibilities (accompanied by practical guidance) for each nook and cranny. For example, to recover the lost art of "garden strolling," the design can include a widened, curving walkway that coaxes the stroller through a garden's various turns and twists. With proper planning and plant placement, the garden will "reveal itself in stages, hiding and offering up its delights in turn." Cedar steps on a wooded hillside can function similarly, offering an insect-resistant feature that helps set the pace of traversing the garden. Replete with eye-popping color photos, detailed explanations, lists of the tools required, and creative ideas, Johnsen's guide will be, for avid and committed gardeners, a gift that keeps on giving. (Apr.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
Booklist Review
This is foremost a photo library of garden-design ideas for the browsing reader, as it should be. But Johnsen adds value through smart organization, spot-on pairings of images with the design concepts she's trying to convey, conversational but info-packed captions running 150-200 words, and a good, wide range of possibilities for gardeners to consider. For example, the chapter on theme gardens includes examples of pollinator, rock crevice, strolling, kitchen, scent, birdscaping, medicinal, and fern gardens. And the chapter on walls, patios, walks, and steps is chock-full of photos with accompanying captions of projects, many of which even the average home gardener can pull off. Johnsen admits that the landscapes shown here are primarily from the northeastern U.S., but she helpfully indicates hardiness zones, which extend beyond her territory, for many of the plants she recommends. And, for browsers, there's a nice catchall section touching on such accents as Adirondack chairs, runway lights, pillars and poles, the principle of three depths in a garden, rustic furniture, the placement of planters in beds, and the use of portals. And an entire chapter plays with color in the garden, from the almost garish pinks and reds of coneflowers to the snowy whites of tulips, dogwoods, and anemones. Inspiring.--Alan Moores Copyright 2019 Booklist

Whether it's ten square feet or ten acres, a backyard is something everyone wants to use to their best advantage. No matter the size or shape, an outdoor green space can be transformed from a neglected or untamed patch of dirt and weeds into someplace magical. These tips are illustrated, specific, and bite- sized. Even the smallest changes turn a simple backyard into a photogenic sanctuary. For instance, plant flowers or lay down a walking path along a curve rather than a straight line, and trim hedges in a cascade to work with the natural slope of the lawn. Landscape and garden design expert Jan Johnsen provides more than 100 unique and eye- opening techniques for transforming one's humble garden into something far more elevated and impressive. Aiming to demystify and educate, Garden Magic is at once inspirational and instructive thanks to the author's 40 years of outdoor design experience and hard- earned knowledge. With gorgeous photos throughout, see the potential of your garden through the lens of an expert.

Table of Contents
Introductionp. 9
1Garden Design And Artful Accentsp. 13
1Visualization 101p. 17
2What's the Goal?p. 18
3The Sum Is More Than Its Partsp. 21
4The Graceful Sweep of a Curvep. 22
5Hide and Reveal The Mystery of the Unseenp. 25
6The Principle of Three Depthsp. 26
7Find the Power Spotp. 28
8Framing a Gardenp. 29
9Blend Light and Shadowp. 30
10Have a Seal Adirondack Chairsp. 33
11East-Direction of Growth and Renewalp. 34
12Respect the Genius of the Placep. 37
13Capture the View Beyondp. 38
14Mushrooms and Staddle Stonesp. 39
15Power of the Portalp. 40
16Soften a Cornerp. 43
17Watch Our for Runway Lightsp. 44
18Re-Re-Repetition in the Landscapep. 47
19A Window in the Gardenp. 48
20Rustic Elegance in a Wooded Landscapep. 51
21Irresistible Lookoutsp. 52
22Show Off That Rock!p. 55
23Planter in a Bedp. 56
24Tricking the Eyep. 59
25Reclaim an Old Metal Gatep. 60
26Why We Love Rounded Forms in the Gardenp. 63
27The Intriguing Dry Streamp. 64
28Yin and Yang in the Gardenp. 67
29Accessorizing Your Garden with Pot Feetp. 68
30The Long Viewp. 71
31Exolamation Points Columnar Plants, Pillars, and Polesp. 72
32Placing a Water Cascade Elevate and Set Backp. 75
33Circles in the Landscapep. 76
34Rain Chainsp. 78
35The Lure of the Sheltered Carrierp. 79
36Artful Accents-Where in Place Them?p. 81
37Pooling and Channelingp. 82
38Move the Furniturep. 85
39Have Fun with Stonesp. 86
40Garden Making Advice From a Zen Masterp. 88
2Walls, Patios, Walks, And Stepsp. 90
41How Big a Patio Do You Needs?p. 93
42Make the Steps the Showp. 95
43The 3. 4. 5 Rate For 90-Degree Cornersp. 96
44A Raised Walkway for Soggy Groundp. 97
45Edging Makes the Differentp. 99
46Meet and Greetp. 100
47Rounded Stepsp. 102
48Planking Pattern A Modern Touchp. 105
49Punctuate with a Brick Borderp. 106
50Cedar Log Stepsp. 109
51Enhance the Public Face of Your Housep. 110
52Outdoor Steps-Wider and Lowerp. 112
53Cap That Wallp. 113
54Why We Love Nichesp. 115
55Setting Stepping Stonesp. 116
56Make Mine Herringbonep. 119
57A Connoisseur of Stone Wallsp. 120
3Theme Gardensp. 123
58Cupid's Gardenp. 125
59Remember the Pollinatorsp. 127
60A Stroll Gardenp. 128
61A Rock Crevice Gardenp. 131
62More Kitchen Gardens, Pleasep. 132
63Hydrangea Madnessp. 135
64Whimsy? Why Not?p. 136
65Late the Moonlightp. 139
66Food for the Nosep. 140
67A Garden of the Five Sensesp. 143
68Celebrate the Rocksp. 144
69Birdscaping with Berried Plantsp. 147
70Medicinal Garden, Anyone?p. 148
71Tropical Splashp. 151
72Ferny Woodlandp. 152
73A Cottage Gardenp. 155
74A Garden for a Small Spacep. 156
75Everyday "Art" in the Gardenp. 159
4Color In The Gardenp. 160
76Try Some Yellow and Call Me in the Morningp. 165
77Why White?p. 166
78In Love with Orangep. 169
79A Matter of Sunlightp. 172
80A Pop of Redp. 175
81One-Color Gardens and Plantersp. 176
82Inventive and Creative Greenp. 179
83See the Basicsp. 180
84The Mystery of a Blue Gatep. 183
85Pink and Purple A Dynamic Duop. 184
86The Sound of Flowersp. 187
87Match That Loaf!p. 188
88Burnished Colors of Late Autumnp. 191
89Accent on White and Greenp. 192
90The Siren Call of Bhie Evergreensp. 195
91Vibrant Display Ideas for Fallp. 196
92Playing with Colorsp. 199
93Paint it Blackp. 200
5Plants And Plantingp. 203
94Why We Gardenp. 207
95Bottlebrush Buckeyep. 208
96A Foliage Tapestryp. 211
97Russian Sage Plays Well with Othersp. 212
98Cool Season versus Warm Season Grassesp. 215
99Butterfly Weed-So Importantp. 216
100Rosette Patterns Grab the Eyep. 219
101The Lovely Smokebushp. 220
102The Life of the Worldp. 222
103Stepped Hedges for a Sloping Sitep. 223
104Lamb's Ear-Beautiful and Usefulp. 224
105The Gift of the Gardeniap. 225
106Cloud Pruningp. 227
107Snowflake Oakleaf Hydrangeap. 228
108A Lot of a Littlep. 231
109Embrace the Mossp. 232
110Plants in the Front Rowp. 235
111The Purple Persian Shieldp. 236
112Lifting the Canopyp. 239
113Tall Verbena-An Airy Nonstop Bloomerp. 240
114Fine Textures for Fine Gardensp. 243
115The Sunflower The Fourth Sisterp. 244
116Sunlight Therapyp. 247
117Mix and Match Sedump. 248
118Playful Moundsp. 251
119In Praise of Coleusp. 252
120Planting by the Moonp. 255
121Anchors in the Landscapep. 256
122Tiger Eyes® Cutleaf Staghorn Sumacp. 259
123Love Your Slopep. 260
124Dragon's Eye Pinep. 263
125Angelina Stonecrop-A Garden Workhorsep. 264
126It's All About the Soilp. 267
127Versatile Ornamental Onionp. 268
128Go for the Barkp. 271
129The Delicate Beauty of the Laceleaf Japanese Maplep. 272
130Feathery Celosiap. 275
131A Shape, a Volume, an Arabesquep. 276
132A Sparkling Groundcover-'Beacon Silver' Dead Nettlep. 278
133Light as Air-Spider Flowerp. 279
134'Mellow Yellow' Spireap. 281
135Ligularia 'Britt-Marie Grawford'p. 282
Indexp. 284
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