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Mi oso grande, mi oso pequeño y yo
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Summary (Español)
Es bueno tener un oso, pero la protagonista de esta historia tiene dos: el grande posee la fuerza de un gigante, el pequeño es suave como el algodón. Acompaña a nuestra protagonista en su divertido día de la mano de sus dos osos.

It's good to have a bear, but having two is even better! So does this little girl think as she prepares for a thrilling day in the snow, hand-in-hand with her two bears. Together, they will go sledding down the mountain and they will meet a ton of friends in the woods! Lots of fun in this wintery tale by storyteller Margarita del Mazo and illustrator Rocio Bonilla.

A tender story about the warmth of winter with the right company. One of the few children's books with a tribute to dads.

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