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Adulting : how to become a grown-up in 468 easy(ish) steps
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A young journo mines a brief life and years of advice from friends and professionals-counselors, social workers, her car mechanic Shane-in order to create this how-to guide to becoming (or simply being) a "grown-up." The 468 steps are more like tips than items on a checklist, and clearly labeled chapters allow readers to pick and choose their entry point. The "Domesticity" section explains, among other things, how to choose, decorate, and clean an apartment; "Get a Job" covers networking, job-specific resume-editing, techniques for salary negotiations, and includes a flowchart to determine how many drinks you should have at a company event; and "Money" walks readers through creating a budget and sticking to it, and illuminates the intricacies of 401(k)s, IRAs, and compound interest (all accompanied by Brown's illustrative sketches of animals-e.g., Pension Panda). Also provided are kitchen tips and simple recipes, thoughts on meeting new friends, tricks for doing laundry, and Shane the mechanic's advice on picking out a used car. Fun, chatty, and surprisingly informative, Brown's guide-already optioned for a TV adaptation, to be backed by Fox and produced by J.J. Abrams-is perfect for the wayward 20-something, or 30-something, or... Agent: Brandi Bowles, Foundry Literary + Media. (May 7) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
If you graduated from college but still feel like a student . . . if you wear a business suit to job interviews but pajamas to the grocery store . . . if you have your own apartment but no idea how to cook or clean . . . it's OK. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Just because you don't feel like an adult doesn't mean you can't act like one. And it all begins with this funny, wise, and useful book. Based on Kelly Williams Brown's popular blog, Adulting , makes the scary, confusing "real world" approachable, manageable -- and even conquerable. This guide will help you to navigate the stormy Sea of Adulthood so that you may find safe harbor in Not Running Out of Toilet Paper Bay, and along the way you will learn:

What to check for when renting a new apartment--not just the nearby bars, but the faucets and stove, among other things.
When a busy person can find time to learn more about the world (It involves the intersection of NPR and hair-straightening.)
How to avoid hooking up with anyone in your office--iImagine your coworkers having plastic, featureless doll crotches. It helps.
The secret to finding a mechanic you love--or, more realistically, one that will not rob you blind.

From breaking up with frenemies to fixing your toilet, this way fun comprehensive handbook is the answer for aspiring grown-ups of all ages.
Table of Contents
Introductionp. 1
1Get Your Mind Rightp. 6
2Domesticityp. 15
3Cookingp. 37
4Fake It Till You Make Itp. 59
5Get a Jobp. 85
6Moneyp. 114
7Maintenancep. 135
8Friends and Neighborsp. 165
9Lovep. 186
10Times Were Toughp. 218
11Familiesp. 237
12Conclusionp. 259
Acknowledgmentsp. 261
Indexp. 263
About the Authorp. 273
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